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The President cannot and should not be mandating how private companies go to market.

The President cannot and should not be mandating how private companies go to market. ... See MoreSee Less

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Those companies fell outside of American free market standards when they decided to screw America over and turn China into a superpower. I support the president on this one. This isn't free market capitalism. This is globalism making itself as corporate capitalism.

Still don’t understand why so many vets support this guy when he constantly violates the values we fought to support.

I "ordered" a pizza yesterday. Did I break the law? Please consider the context.

“Advised” would’ve been a better choice of words.

"....hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China including bringing business home to the U.S...." is very different than "I'm hereby ordering you to pull your businesses out of China..."....which the media and others keep chirping and are going nuts over! I heard him the other day referencing this when Samsung was concerned about tariffs effecting their business. "It wouldn't effect you if you weren't doing business IN China." (Trump...paraphrased) Look, the President is about to kick ass and take numbers with've hereby been WARNED!

We have had a tinge of fascism in business for a long time. The question now is really not whether our government operates in fascism, but how do you like it served? From the right or the left? Because that is what we have in the form of EPA, FDA, FCC, and on and on. But it is nothing new here, just expanding.

Oh you want the whole tweet, because the entire tweet is worse. He demands private delivery companies search their packages for Fentanyl; last year he claimed we need to pay for walls to keep out fentanyl. He's obsessed, and challenged. From his gun control to authoritarian economic policies, he's a disaster. Republicans have lost their minds, and voted in a democrat, to boot. 😬

What is more perverse? Telling them with words or telling them with tax payer dollars? This is nothing new. What is new is brashly putting it in words, not tax legislation.

If you want to combat China deregulate and end taxation. If we exported as much garbage as China through even more affordable goods we could take their business. Trump is going about this all wrong.

Someone needs to be to Trump what Obama was to Joe Biden. Don! No!!!

How about Obamacare. Mandating citizens to buy shitty healthcare coverage and fining them if they didn’t comply? Even if they couldn’t afford the already expensive insurance?

Wow gonna make your ties here?

4D chess, not checkers - this is classic Trump y’all.....

The Orange King of Israel has spoken!

Ordered? Really? Curious how he’ll enforce that.

King Trump is at it again.

A Chinese professor told me 30 years ago that the US is screwing itself while trying to save a dime per product by having therm made in China. If you do not have a job, you cannot pay your mortgage. Our US companies caused the financial crisis of 2009 by having its factories overseas. Now our companies are trying to move IT to India. Support Trump in bringing back those high paying jobs than forcing MacDonald to pay its employee 15 bucks an hour.

He's so anti free market its ridiculous

He wants to be a dictator. He doesn’t respect our constitution or anything for that matter. He only want what he wants. Total narcissist dictator wanna be. POTUS!

obama did the same damn thing hypocrites

Try posting the rest of the fucking tweet

Can't wait to see his cultists defend this one.

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