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Stop trusting the state to raise our kids.

Joe Brown

My biggest fear is that the Government becomes more involved in the Mental Health of Free Individuals. We are already liquidly lobotomizing school children because they are "Disruptive". We already have crime free incarceration to "Mental Health Hospitals".If the purpose of the meme is anti-gun control look at the number of people denied guns because of Government defined mental health issues. If that does not scare you check out the rising number of Red Flag Laws.Combine all of this with mandatory vaccinations and we are speeding towards a dystopian trifecta. Atlas Shrugged and 1984 have practically both come true. Do we really want to add Brave New World?

Reduce dissemination of dumb manga memes?

Arm the teachers

How about start looking at "The Boy Crisis"

Mental health crisis of the left...

Our Ancestors used nicotine for the last 800 years for mental health. Schools in the 1980's had smoking lounges. Now this generation is not allowed to use nicotine. If your Grandpa &Great-Grandpa & Great-Great Grandpa....needed the herbal medicine tobacco to survive then you are going to need it also or some pharmaceutical as a substitute. Smoking is at an all time low right now while suicide is at a all time high (nicotine is a stimulant which is the opposite of a depressant).

How about not letting your child's school dictate your child's mental health and recommend multiple antipsychotics and or amphetamines during the brain forming years of puberty or earlier?

They were all mentally unstable - 2 thought they were a different gender than they actually were and other was of an illegal immigrant family. All are cases of a government exception.

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