Our team

Cole Ebel


Cole resides in Carthage, Tennessee with his wife Erika and his three children. He currently owns a tavern, dedicated to spreading the ideals of Liberty throughout his local community.

David Sexton


David lives in Memphis and has spent the majority of his life in the greater Memphis area. He was a member of the Tennessee Air National Guard and is an Iraqi war veteran (OIF/OND). He is currently the Assistant Chief of Operations at the 164th AW Fire Department in Memphis. In his free time, he is a reader and a musician.

Kenna Porter


Kenna Porter was born and raised in Wilson County, Tennessee.  Nearly her whole life, Kenna has been interested in politics but felt like a political orphan, especially during the 2016 presidential election.  After seeing an interview with Gary Johnson, she began posting more on social media about libertarianism which caught the eye of local leaders in the Libertarian Party.  She, then, became involved with the party and quickly rose into a local leadership position by 2017. Kenna feels outreach is a high priority and hopes to create organization that will facilitate and encourage such within the state.

Elaine Gast


Elaine Gast grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently resides in Dickson County, Tennessee. She studied Political Science at Ball State University and has been a libertarian since 2009. After moving to Dickson County in the spring of 2017 she started the first libertarian county affiliate in Dickson before being elected 4 months later as River Region Coordinator and subsequently elected Treasurer in the Spring of 2018. Elaine is passionate about helping candidates in the Libertarian Party and is the Chair of the Campaign and Candidate Vetting Committee. She firmly believes that the Libertarian Party is the perfect vehicle for spreading the ideas of personal responsibility and voluntary cooperation between individuals and businesses. She is a small business owner and travels all over the country.