Tennessee Libertarians Organize Trash Cleanups of National Parks

To show their commitment to voluntarism, members of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee are organizing a trash cleanup of two Tennessee National Parks on January 13th. National parks have been largely neglected because of the partial federal government shutdown, leading to widespread media coverage.

“As Libertarians, we advocate replacing federal taxpayer funding for many services with private charity or privatization,” said Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark. “We wanted to show how this could be accomplished by volunteering in our local communities. We know that people are inherently generous with their time and energy. We want to set an example by calling on the public to join us in maintaining our beautiful parks and landmarks this weekend and throughout the government shutdown.”

Cleanups have been scheduled for Jan. 13 at the following national parks:

The stubborn partisanship of both Democrats and Republicans is responsible for the gridlock in Congress and the suffering of furloughed federal employees. The Libertarian Party stands for practical solutions for society’s challenges, such as friends and neighbors who help pick up trash when government can’t or won’t. The Libertarian Party will run hundreds of candidates for office in 2019 and invites Americans from all backgrounds to join us in our common-sense approach to politics.

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