National Convention is Coming…

October 31st is mostly known for being Halloween, but it also happens to be the deadline for Libertarian Party membership to count towards the number of delegates that each state affiliate is allocated.

The Libertarian Party of Tennessee does not require dues to be a member, and nor does the LP. But, to be counted towards the official number that is used for delegate allocation, an LPTN member must be at minimum a basic sustaining member ($25 annually).

I understand that there are reasons one might not want to pay dues to national. As a party of individuals that focuses on individuality (sometimes to a fault), whether it be personal finances, an unhappiness with management at the national level, and/or just wanting to focus time and energy (and funds) at the state level, a person’s reasons are their own, and I respect that. But I would like to stress the importance of helping the LPTN get the most number of delegates we can in order to have the best influence at the 2020 Libertarian National Convention.

It is with that stressor in mind that I am writing this, in hopes of creating a Tennessee-wide LP membership drive. If you are a former member who hasn’t gotten around to renewing, I ask that you go ahead and renew. If you have never been dues-paying but have thought about it, I urge you to give in to the thought. If you have no desire to become dues-paying to national because you are only worried about Tennessee, I would like to point out the help you would be giving by boosting the number of LPTN delegates we send to represent us.

To help facilitate this drive, I am committing to sponsor at least 4 members each month until the end of October to help our numbers. So, if you are not currently a national sustaining member, and can not, or will not, spend your own money on a membership, I’ll ask you to consider my offer to be sponsored.

If you’re interested in this offer, please email me directly at

Lastly, I’d like to ask any of our current sustaining members that have the means and inclination to reach out to all your Tennessee libertarian-leaning friends, family, and coworkers and see if they are interested in joining on their own, accepting my sponsorship or perhaps even sponsor a few yourselves. There is nothing more important to LPTN growth and no bigger key to LPTN success than getting as many Tennesseans as possible invested in the principles of liberty and fighting back against the government overreach that threatens our natural right to freedom.

Yours in Liberty,

David Sexton

Vice Chair, LPTN

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