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  • Director
    • Conducts regular Fundraising Committee meetings, coordinates with all committee team members, and ensures progress is being made towards all goals.
    • Keeps records of Fundraising Committee transactions, to further track progress towards fundraising goals, and ensure Committee efforts are productive.
    • Report to the Executive Committee on the activities and progress of fundraising efforts.
    • Coordinates with the State Treasurer as necessary, to ensure smooth and accountable transfer of funds.
    • Sets/amends goals for the committee, with consultation with the Committee and State Executive Committee.
  • Deputy Director
    • Assists the Director as needed and serves as the Directors Proxy in the event of absence, or otherwise inability to fulfill duties.
    • Serves as de facto Director of any sub committees that should arise, should those sub committees not fall under the scope of defined roles.
  • Events Coordinator
    • Coordinates any possible fundraising events for the state which fall outside of the scope of the yearly State Convention and Gala.
    • Finds event locations and communicates with said venues.
    • Gathers and organizes the volunteers needed to run the event successfully.
    • Serves in an advisory capacity to any subcommittee which may be formed in and around fundraising event planning.
    • Works with the activism coordinator to incorporate fundraising into other types of state events
    • Coordinates with the Fundraising Committee Director, and the State Treasurer as needed on budgeting/funding for the event.
  • Merchandising Coordinator
    • Oversees the designing, ordering, and sale of merchandising for fundraising events.
    • Over sees any digital or in person stores.
    • Responsible for any physical product and/or inventory.
    • Ensures any ordered merchandise is shipped in a timely manner.


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