Bylaw amendments may be discussed at any state convention.  The convention body tries to adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order as best possible; to familiarize yourself, here’s a simple cheat sheet: Cheat Sheet  (copies will also be provided for attendees).

For 2021, there are 11 bylaw amendments that have been proposed.  To read them all in detail click here: 2021 Bylaw Amendment Proposals


Summary of proposals:

  • Proposal 1: Remove the annual due requirement for LPTN
  • Proposal 2: Add a “Social Media Director” to the officers
  • Proposal 3: Set one year term for Regional officers
  • Proposal 4: Elect Executive committee members at every convention by a vote of delegates within their region
  • Proposal 5: Create two at-large seats on the executive committee
  • Proposal 6: Require an alternate to the Regional Coordinator
  • Proposal 7: (Similar to #4) Elect executive committee members at every state convention by members of their region
  • Proposal 8: County officers should be voting members of the LPTN; removes the requirement of being national LP members
  • Proposal 9: Removes the term “interim chair” for a county; allows the regional coordinator to appoint a county chair; clarifies that the appointed chair only serves as point of contact until at least 4 members can vote
  • Proposal 10: Requires a county or region to submit “charter statement and/or bylaws” once an affiliate is formed;
  • Proposal 11: Creates a Judicial committee
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