Press Release For Immediate Release: Statement Concerning DUI Checkpoint Video

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Press Release

For Immediate Release

Axl DavidContact person:

Communications Director
The Libertarian Party of Tennessee
(312) 8332286

Statement Concerning DUI Checkpoint Video

July 5, 2013
Axl David

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TENN. On July 4th, members of the Rutherford County (TN) Libertarian

Party became concerned about DUI checkpoints occurring in Rutherford County. Members were

advised to record their interactions, should they find themselves going through a checkpoint during

their routine travels. It was made clear that this would be done so in a way that was

nonconfrontational and unobtrusive, but still in clear view of law enforcement.


Rutherford County Libertarian Party member Chris Kalbaugh, who is the driver in the video, uploaded

this video to Youtube and expressed his concern that his constitutional rights were violated. Literally

overnight, the video became viral, largely due to the internet aggregate site


“I broke no laws and I made sure to be respectful the entire time while still exercising my

Constitutional freedom. The officers would not let me leave but they would not answer if I was being

detained,” said Kalbaugh, 21, of Murfreesboro, Tenn.


Kalbaugh continues, “I wanted to show that I was not impaired and to get the confrontation over

with. When I got out, he demanded my ID even though I didn’t break any laws or traffic violations.

They also said they were going to search my vehicle because the drug dog ‘hit’ on the vehicle. I don’t

do any drugs and I have never had any illegal substances in my car. When the officers said that the

drug dog hit on my car, I became furious because I knew that was impossible. All of this happened

because I did not want to lower my window all the way which was completely legal. Later on when

the officer tried to open my door and pull me out of my vehicle, I was glad that my window was only

partially open. This video was not made to be disrespectful to law enforcement at all; there are plenty

of great cops in Tennessee that do not believe in going outside of the law to take away Constitutional

freedom. Having rights is not disrespectful.”


The video, having gone viral, has raised the ire of the entire public. As evidenced on the Facebook

page for the Rutherford County Sheriff and the Tennessee Highway Patrol, there is a large public

backlash taking shape. The reddit comment section, which has just over 8,000 comments as of this

writing, is full of users vowing to contact county officials and Sheriff Robert Arnold.


“It’s sad that on a day that is celebrated for freedom and liberty, such a grotesque violation of both

has occurred,” said Matthew Novak, Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee.


“The Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputy trashing a lawabiding citizen’s constitutional rights on July

4th makes it clear that the very meaning of Independence Day has become lost on the law

enforcement community in Rutherford County,” said Jim Tomasik, Chairman of The Libertarian Party

of Tennessee


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