As is par for the course at the conclusion of another year, various liberty-minded periodicals have released their list of "2016's Most Influential Libertarians."

In that vein, We have put together our own list. I now present you with:

2016's Most Influential Libertarian

1. You.

Yes, that's right -- you.

--You running for office.
--You providing time, energy, and resources to those running for office.
--You getting involved with your local party affiliate. You traveling to Orlando to participate as a delegate at our National Convention. --You putting together fundraisers.
--You gathering signatures.
--You starting county chapters.
--You participating in committees.
--You engaging with others on social media.
--You writing letters to the editor of your local paper.
--You tuning into podcasts.
--You calling into radio shows.
--You brainstorming and putting into action free market alternatives to government programs.
--You lobbying your local legislature to adopt liberty-minded legislation.
--You building coalitions and expanding your network.
--You talking about politics and the election with your friends and family.
--You teaching your children to question authority and to stand up for what they believe in -- even when they're standing alone.
--You speaking truth to power -- whenever, wherever you can with whatever medium you have at your disposal.

Every single one of us -- whether we acknowledge it or not -- is a spokesperson and an advocate for liberty. Even if our audience is just one person, that's one more person than before who is hearing these ideas, thinking about them, and questioning what truly lies beyond the smoke and mirrors that define our political landscape. That's one more mind that was reached, and with our compassionate actions, one more heart that was touched.

So THANK YOU, you. Thank you for being a part of this. May 2017 yield you many more opportunities to make a difference in whatever way you can.

In Liberty,


Sarah and Kim <3

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