Joshua James for US Senate

About JoshuaJoshua_James

 I am a husband, father, businessman, and educated citizen who has had enough of the current system and want my choices back.  I have had enough of the status quo, enough of hearing that things are just the way it is or the way it has always been.  I am shocked that we Tennesseans have 11 elected voices and yet the only time we seem to hear their voices are during campaign commercials.  Most people can not even give the names of their representatives, yet they are familar with the names Ted Cruz or Ron Paul.

I learned in business school that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people.  I have seen that first hand in the past decade while working in corporate America.  I am sick and tired of being one of those workers whose work provides the benefits and promotions for the 80%.  I believe in a policy of you get what you earn; in other words it is what you do instead of who you know.

It comes down to choice.  My life my choice.  I want my government to create or allow opportunities for me to choose from instead of deciding what they think will be best for me.  In reality all they are doing is limiting my selections.  Every topic and every argument from yesterday, today, and tomorrow should be determined from a stance of what is best and to create maximum choices so a person’s free will can prevail.

If you feel the same way I do then vote for Joshua James in November 2014.



Leonard D. “Lenny” Ladner for US House of Representatives 7th District


Born in New York City, April, 18 1954. Educated in the New York City Public schools until June 1969, then attended The Henley School until June 1972. Lenny Graduated in the top 20%.

 From 1972 to 1976 He attended and graduated The Rochester Institute of Technology, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Photography with a minor in Business Administration.

1993 I had a very rude awakening.  It was the events around the Waco Massacre that finally got me to understand that our government was against us and our elected officials have turned their back on their oath of office which was to uphold and defend the United States Constitution so help them G-D.

From 1976 to 1980 He worked at various jobs in Commercial Photography, Graphic Arts, Typography and printing.

From 1980 to 1983 He was a Retail Stock broker.

From 1983 to 1994 He was self employed as a taxicab driver, limousine driver, owned a pastry distribution business and a janitorial supply business.

From 1994 to present, he is self employed as a long haul truck driver.  I currently pull a dry van and operate under my own authority.

In 1993 Lenny says,” I had a very rude awakening.  It was the events around the Waco Massacre that finally got me to understand that our government was against us and our elected officials have turned their back on their oath of office which was to uphold and defend the United States Constitution so help them G-D. After this I started reading and researching anything and everything I could on US History, and Political Economy. I have come to a simple conclusion.  We have too much government and we need to elect people who have the spine to cut it back.”

Political Experience:

From 2008 to the present: In 2008 he ran in the Democratic Party’s primary for the US Senate. Without spending any money he got close to 5,000 votes. His platform was that he would vote no on any increase in the size, cost, reach and power of government.

In 2010 he wanted to enter the Republican Primary for the Seventh Congressional District.

Lenny stated. “The Republican Party leadership was very afraid that my views would expose their scheme to increase the size, cost, reach and power of government while pretending to be the “Conservative” party.  Therefore they found an excuse to disqualify my petition for ballot and I was not allowed to run against an incumbent politician who believes that small increases in government are preferable to large increases.”

In 2012 he ran for the US House of Representatives as an independent.

Lenny is a firm believer that the less government we have the better off we will be.


Daniel Lewis Governor of Tennessee


Daniel Lewis for Tennessee House District 52

My wife and I moved from Chattanooga to Nashville in 2006. I have a bachelor’s degree in general science and master’s degree in earth science education. When I was in graduate school, I drove a 1924 trolly.  I have taught at an inner city school and at a private school for special needs children.   Currently, I work for a market research firm as a survey checker and on the help desk for our web surveys.

My wife and I are members of Una Baptist Church in Nashville, where I serve as a deacon and teach an adult Sunday school class.   I enjoy helping out when our church provides shelter and food for homeless men through the Room in the Inn ministry.  I also volunteer as a GED tutor at the Christian Women’s Job Corp of Middle Tennessee.

I first became active in the Libertarian Party in 2000.  I have served as an officer in the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County.  When I moved to Nashville, I helped to reestablish the Libertarian Party in Davidson County.   I had the privilege of representing the great state of Tennessee at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 National Libertarian Presidential nominating conventions.   I also have had the honor of being nominated as a candidate of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee four times (2004, 2008, 2010, and 2012).

 My platform is simply to support reducing the size, scope, and power of government on every issue.  I also oppose increasing the size, scope or power of government on any issue.  A perfect example of this is the Tennessee’s censorship of ballots.  Since 1961 Tennessee has violated the rights of Tennessee voters in every election.  Tennessee has the 7th most restrictive ballot access laws in the United States.  I served as party of a tri-partisan group that drafted a report on ballot access restrictions in Tennessee and also drafted the FREEDOM ACT (our proposed bill to restore the First Amendment in Tennessee).   In keeping with my commitment to reduce the size, scope and power of government the FREEDOM ACT removes barriers for alternative parties to get on the ballot in Tennessee and totally repeals two oppressive sections of Tennessee ballot access laws.  Learn more at my website



Vinnie Vineyard for Tennessee House District 13

Vinnie Vineyard

Vinnie Vineyard (aka Funkmaster V) has had almost 25 vocations in his career. From owning his own business to being an entertainer, from being a counselor to a HVAC tech and many points in between… he has befriended, dealt with, and gotten to know just about every type of person there is to know in Knox County and beyond.

What he has found out is that most people are pretty much the same. They want their families to be taken care of. They want respect. They want love. They want good food, fun, enjoyable memories, accomplishments and meaningful relationships. What people do not need or want is the government interfering in their pursuit of happiness. This “Invisible Hand” means that Americans can make the best decisions for themselves with no help from the government. If someone’s rights are being violated, sure, the government should step in to serve and protect the innocent, but in most cases, the way people want to live their lives… should be up to the citizen.

As Republicans and Democrats fight over debates that will never end (Gay marriage, Abortion issues, Stem Cell Research) and thus only exist to drum up voting support from their right and left bases, Vinnie Vineyard is more concerned with exposing bipartisanism for what it really is (a dog and pony show) and delving deeper into issues that are more pressing. If you are sick of Republicans and Democrats saying opposite things and then acting the same, or you are waking up to the fact that there are no differences in the two main parties, or you can easily spot that most leaders from both of those parties are painfully ineffective, it’s time to believe in the funk… and vote Libertarian in 2014.

“Say what y’all want to about CHANGE, REVOLUTION… I’m gonna say what I’m saying…” -Chuck D from Public Enemy

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